By Sue Evans

  1. Play it your age.

  2. Tape it.

  3. Pick an UNO Card.

  4. Throw the dice or die.

  5. Wear a funny hat.

  6. Wear funny glasses.

  7. Left foot in the air.

  8. Right foot in the air.

  9. Eyes on the ceiling.

  10. Eyes closed.

  11. With toothbrush in mouth.

  12. With gloves on.

  13. With Kleenex on keys.

  14. Write a story to sing with it.

  15. Imagine you’re on an island.

  16. Imagine you’re on skies.

  17. Imagine you’re in the ocean.

  18. With a cookie in mouth.

  19. While smiling.

  20. While winking.

  21. While crying.

  22. With a frightened look.

  23. While undressing.

  24. While dressing.

  25. With high octaves.

  26. With low octaves.

  27. While sitting on the floor.

  28. While standing up.

  29. While blowing a bubble.

  30. Making up a rap.

  31. Making up words from other languages.

  32. Making up nonsense words.

  33. Sing in a baby voice.

  34. Sing in a dad’s voice.

  35. Sing in different animal voices.

  36. Have a relative accompany you with sound effects.

  37. Have a relative play another song at the same time.

  38. Play it and reward yourself with an M&M or candy.

  39. Play it and give yourself money.

  40. Parents play one hand.

  41. Parents play another instrument at the same time.

  42. Play it at different MM markings.

  43. Wear a wig.

  44. Wear a Tie.

  45. Flip your wig.

  46. Moo like a cow.

  47. Oink like a pig.

  48. Invite friends over and act it out like a play.

  49. Invite friends over for a Piano Party.

  50. Put ear plugs in.

  51. Wear earmuffs.

  52. Wear a coat.

  53. Set an alarm clock for 5 minutes of play.

  54. Clap your feet.

  55. Play it with a damper pedal.

  56. Play it with the sostenuto pedal.

  57. Play it with the soft pedal.

  58. Play it on another piano: church, school, store, friend’s.

  59. Play it backwards.

  60. While reading a book.

  61. While balancing a marshmallow on head or toe.

  62. While gargling.

  63. While on the phone.

  64. While whistling.

  65. While wearing a crown.

  66. With the Suzuki tape.

  67. While lying on the bench.

  68. While kneeling.

  69. While standing on one foot.

  70. In the dark.

  71. With one eye shut.

  72. While telling a joke.

  73. While watching TV.

  74. Cross hands.

  75. Create some lyrics .

  76. While balancing a textbook on head.

  77. At midnight.

  78. In your head while lying under the piano.

  79. Play it while singing DO, RE, MI.

  80. While saying “I Love You.”

  81. Have parents or friends dance.

  82. By candlelight.

  83. By flashlight.

  84. With a baby on your lap.

  85. Blindfolded.

  86. Sing your name to the melody.

  87. While writing a letter.

  88. Hands separately.

  89. While drinking.

  90. While eating.

  91. At different times during the day.

  92. Play it on a dummy piano.

  93. Play it on the back of your parent.

  94. Play it on your lap and say the melody notes or harmony notes.

  95. With a pencil in your hair.

  96. With another CD going.

  97. With your parents tapping the steady beats.

  98. Play an ostinato pattern on kitchen instruments.

  99. On the phone with your teacher.

  100. While bouncing a ball with your other hand.

  101. At 15-minute intervals.

  102. DONE!