Before we begin summer break and forget about the violin for a while, lets go through this list with a pencil and plan some violin fun for the summer! Put a :) by what you think would be a fun idea for you! As you do them, put the date next to it and report back to me in the fall!

  • Mom & Dad: Read a good book!

  1. Shinichi Suzuki, Nurtured By Love

  2. William Star, To Learn with Love

  3. Kay Slone, They're Rarely Too Young and Never Too Old to Twinkle

  4. Ed Kreitman, Teaching from the Balance Point

  5. Craig Timmerman, Journey Down the Kreisler Highway

  6. Daniel Coyle, The Talent Code

  • Set one day a week of your practicing aside to do only fun things. Use your imagination and be creative!

  • Have a party for your family to celebrate the end of another year of violin lessons. Do it up big with cake, and a concert!

  • Invite an old violin friend over for music, refreshments, and play!

  • Invite a new violin friend over for music, refreshments, and play!

  • Plan your own concert for someone special, complete with a written program.

  • Have one of your practices outside on a nice day

  • Have one of your practices in some other exotic location. Be creative and share pictures!

  • Have your own “Concert in the Park.” Pack a picnic, your violin, and plan to stay to play at the park

  • Invite a violin friend over to play duets. I'll provide some music if you ask!

  • Have a violin scavenger hunt for one of your practices

  • Go camping with another violin family and play songs around the campfire!

  • Go to a Suzuki Institute!

  • Anything else that you would like to try with your violin! Be creative! Let me know what you come up with. :)