There are some really amazing violinists and violists out there today! You've probably heard me mention some of them in our lessons. For a special listening assignment, go to YouTube and look for some of these names! Report back to me! What did you like? What would you like to try? What was the silliest thing you saw? Do any of them have a concert coming up near us??



Joshua Bell

Itzhak Perlman

Gil Shaham

Hillary Hahn

Maxim Vengerov

Anne-Sophie Mutter

Pinchas Zuckerman

Nobuko Imai

Yuri Bashmet

Kim Kashkashian

Tabea Zimmerman

Geraldine Walther


Less Classical

Andrew Bird

Stuart Duncan

Owen Pallett

Mark O'Connor

Jean-Luc Ponty


...and more! Can you find me some names that are not on this list??